Life Assets is a full-service development and privately-held real estate investment company, boasting a proven track record and building one of the best-in-class real estate firms. Driven by an internal team of talented professionals, we strategically focus on areas where our superior market knowledge and local relationships allow us to identify and create asset value in any economic cycle. Our commitment to clear communication and proficient execution empowers us to successfully acquire, finance, develop, market, and manage the most sophisticated projects. This track record has earned the respect and trust of leading municipalities across the state, with local government agencies recognizing the value our innovative projects bring to their communities.

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We excel in strategic acquisitions, leveraging expertise and local relationships for a diverse and successful real estate portfolio.

We are a leader in real estate development, emphasizing clear communication, proficient execution, and community enhancement.

We provide expert finance services, leveraging a proven track record and market knowledge to fund and support sophisticated real estate projects.

We proficiently manage real estate development, maximizing project value with strategic oversight and demonstrated success.

We deliver top-notch construction services, ensuring flawless projects through skilled craftsmanship and meticulous project management.

Our accounting services provide thorough financial management, ensuring transparency, accuracy, and compliance for smooth development operations.


“We strive to be the industry benchmark in all that we do. Our focus on sustainability, inclusion, and community impacts results in us being a stronger and more purposeful organization.”

Alberto Goncalves

Chief Executive officer