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Life Assets is a full-service development company and privately-held real estate investment company. With a proven track record, Life Assets has built one of the best in class real estate firms driven by an internal team of talented real estate professionals. We focus on areas in which we can leverage our superior market knowledge and local relationships in order to identify and create asset value in any economic cycle. Clear communication and proficient execution enable us to successfully acquire, finance, develop, market, and manage the most sophisticated development projects. 

Life Assets diverse portfolio of successful projects has earned the respect and trust of leading municipalities across the state. Local government agencies recognize the value that Life Assets innovative projects bring to their municipalities. 

Life Assets is a full-service development company driven by an internal team committed to creating a unique vision for each project while remaining true to the company’s common vision for the future. Clear communication and proficiency enable us to successfully acquire, finance, develop, market and manage the most sophisticated development projects. These development projects have been recognized for their attention to issues of workforce housing and economic impact. Life Assets prides itself on its ability to develop complex, large-scale projects that transform the urban landscape. 

Our acquisitions group is highly skilled at identifying underutilized real estate and maximizing its potential through ground-up development, redevelopment, asset repositioning, and creative financing. 

Our development team sets the strategic plans and manages the projects from conception through completion while addressing the diverse interests and viewpoints of the many public and private stakeholders along the way.

Life Assets has structured multiple transactions with a handful of capital partners and debt providers. Our strong network of relationships with banks and investors ensures access to the capital necessary to execute any given investment strategy.

Life Assets has developed an intuitive and sophisticated management team to maintain the quality of each development. Our management portfolio includes condominiums, rentals, and commercial addresses. Life Assets’ direct access to its development and construction allows it to provide the most comprehensive range of management services, whether operational, financial, or physical.

Life Assets construction department manages all construction activities from predevelopment to turnover. A designated construction manager supervises each project to guarantee quality assurance and control.

Life Assets accounting and financial services departments are responsible for establishing effective internal controls, working closely with every department, and ensuring that all transactions are accounted for in an accurate and timely manner.


“We strive to be the industry benchmark in all that we do. Our focus on sustainability, inclusion, and community impacts results in us being a stronger and more purposeful organization.”

Alberto Goncalves

Chief Executive officer