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Life Assets Capital invests in all levels of the capital structure that has limited downside risk while seeking to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns with upside potential through capital appreciation or repositioning where it has intimate knowledge of the market and the position of each asset.


Distressed assets are considered by some to be counter-cyclical investment vehicles and attractive diversification options during moments of public market volatility. Most fundamentally, future returns are determined by the future cash flows of an asset weighed against the price paid for those cash flows. Distress allows professional investors to capitalize on a lower price while also optimizing those cashflows through expert management.
Value-add commercial real estate investments typically target properties that have in-place cash flow but seek to increase that cash flow over time by making improvements to or repositioning the property. This could include making physical improvements to the asset that will allow it to command higher rents, increasing efforts to lease vacant space at the property to quality tenants, or improving the management of the property and thereby increasing customer satisfaction or lowering operating expenses where possible. Once the operator has successfully increased the net operating income at the property, they typically seek to sell the asset to capture the resulting appreciation in value. 


200 South Second Street, Elizabeth, NJ

Investment Overview

  • The land was purchased from the City of Elizabeth as a former NJDEP BrownField site in November 2018
  • Construction commenced in December 2019
  • Our team developed twenty-three (23) multi-family homes within an 18-month horizon (sold) over the asking price
  • Total Development Cost: $9MM
  • Debt financing provided by Provident Bank: $6MM

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